Gear Review: Mountain Hardwear Zerna Beanie

I picked up a new warm hat this fall! The Mountain Hardwear Zerna Beanie uses 2 different weights of fleece to help wick away moisture and still keep you warm. I need to be honest with you, I sweat like a pig and have a huge head. Generally, if a hat wicks halfway decently and fits my head, I’ll give it my recommendation. This hat was a slam dunk on both counts.

I got this hat good and sweaty on a recent 9-mile predawn hike, and the moisture just steamed away. My usual microfleece beanie would eventually get soaked and drip down my face. There was none of that with the Zerna Beanie. The integrated fleece-lined ear band kept my ears toasty warm with temps in the mid-30’s, and I suspect this hat would perform adequately at least down into the teens.

This hat gets my endorsement based, in no small part, on the fact that the “large” size is actually large. Most hats I buy in “large” or “XL” are still too small. The Zerna fits like a glove. I highly recommend it for the cranially ample outdoorsman!



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