Stoic Hadron Down Cardigan

The Stoic Hadron Down Cardigan is my current insulating layer. I have it in size XXL, which fits my ample frame (6′, 260lbs) almost perfectly. The XXL weighs in at 8.7oz on my scale. The outer shell is Pertex Quantum, and the insulation is 850fp goose down.

The Hadron line of jackets comes in a few configurations (pullover, full zip, hood, no hood). The “Cardigan” version of this jacket is a pull-over style, with a quarter-snap closure (like 1/4 zip, except with snaps!). I’m guessing the snaps help create a weight savings over a zipper. They take a few seconds longer to close than a zipper, but they function pretty well. Once I have the jacket on and snapped, I have no real need to open and close it, so I appreciate the meager weight savings.

The Cardigan’s pocket is a single “kangaroo”-style pocket, much like a hoody. I never put anything in my coat pockets in camp anyway, so this style pocket makes a nice, cozy place to keep my hands warm, if I’m wearing this as my top layer.

My only real complaint about this jacket’s construction is the cuffs. They are a wide section of elastic, but they seem to be cut too small. Even in the XXL, it’s annoying to get my hands through the cuffs in either direction. On the bright side, they help seal in my body heat!

This jacket doesn’t have much loft, so don’t think you’ll be able to wear it alone at 0 degrees and stay warm. However, it does work very well with a well thought out layering system. When working together with my Capilene 2 base layer, my wind shirt, and my rain shell, it  keeps me very warm on a rainy, windy, 30-degree night. Remember, your layering system should allow you to wear all your clothes at once so they can work together!

All-in-all, this jacket is a great piece, IF you can find a good price. I found mine on clearance for $60 or $70. Full price is $159, but I don’t think it’s worth quite that much. At that price point, I’d suggest the Mont-bell UL Down Jacket instead.Image


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