Hiking at Hawk Mountain

Berks-Lehigh Hiking and Backpacking took adavantage of today’s nice weather and took a short hike at Hawk Mountain Bird Sanctuary near Kempton, PA. This is a great little trail system because it has something for everyone, and you’re almost certain to see some wildlife. Black Bears, rattlesnakes, and birds-of-prey are all common sights in this area. The North Lookout is easily reached by people of all ages and skill levels. The South Lookout is even wheelchair accessible! The terrain of the Skyline Trail, Golden Eagle Trail, and River of Rocks Trail (all of which we hiked today) is slightly challenging because it is VERY rocky, but the mileage is short. This system even hooks into the AT between Eckville and Allentown shelters, so you can give yourself more options for longer day hikes. Our hike today was only around 4.5 miles with a little under 1000′ of elevation gain. Congrats to Liz on finishing her first ever “real” hike! I hope this gallery gives you a taste of what “Rocksylvania” is all about! And, since it’s not really a hike unless I hurt myself, here’s a new one: I wrenched my ankle by falling off a rock I was standing on. I WASN’T EVEN MOVING! I was just standing on this pointy rock having a conversation and boom. Feel free to mock me!


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