Acadia National Park: The Beehive

During my son’s afternoon nap time, I snuck away to do a quick hike. Don’t worry! My wife was with him the whole time.

I decided the Beehive Trail in ANP would be a fun little diversion. This trail is only about a mile long, but in that mile you gain (and then lose again) almost 500 feet of elevation. Starting from the park’s Loop Road near Sand Beach, I hiked the rocky and slightly steep approach to the Beehive. After embarrassing myself by falling down in front of some german tourists, I turned right onto the Beehive trail itself. This trail is rocky and steep right from the start, and I soon find myself negotiating a series of narrow ledges, which are broken up by steep climbs on metal rungs. From the top of the Beehive, there are great coastal views.

The descent down the back side of the Beehive is much more gentle than the climb up, but it is still rocky at the beginning. It soon levels out into a smooth, wide trail. It was so smooth that I actually caught myself jogging down it. I passed a few fellow hikers, who seemed surprised to see a fat man moving that quickly!

Beginning to end, this hike took me about 45-50 minutes, including numerous breaks for photo ops. If you are afraid of heights (or even think that you might be afraid), this hike is not for you. There are many areas where you are on very exposed ledges, only inches away from a fall at any given time. If you are sure-footed and in good shape, this trail packs a lot of fun into its one-mile length. Check it out!


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