ANP: Beehive, The Bowl, Gorham Mountain & Ocean Trail Loop

Today I improvised a 5-6 mile hike. I’m not 100% sure about the mileage, but I can guess because The hike took almost exactly 2 hours.

Once again, I started at Sand Beach and climbed the Beehive, just like yesterday. On the way back down, I detoured onto the Bowl Trail. This takes you back to a pretty little pond. After passing The Bowl, I continued until the intersection with the Gorham Mountain Trail. I climbed up to Gorham Mountain’s 520′ granite summit, and then continued down the other side. On the way down, I reached the intersection with the Cadillac Cliffs Trail. I decided to follow this very rocky trail, which follows the bottom of an impressive cliff face, past an ancient sea cave, and through a rock “tunnel”. I soon rejoined the Gorham Mountain Trail, which I followed to the parking area. After a quick crossing of the park’s Loop Road, I turned left on the Ocean Trail. This trail parallels the coast line and the Loop Road and passes landmarks such as Thunder Hole. After about a mile on this trail, I reached my car at Sand Beach.

With the exception of the Beehive (which is strenuous), the rest of this hike was easy to moderate difficulty. The damp, rainy weather did create some slipping hazards on the rocks, but it wasn’t too bad. If you are afraid or unable to do the Beehive portion of this hike, The Bowl Trail is accessible from the same trailhead near Sand Beach.


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