Acadia National Park: Miscellaneous

Hunter’s Beach

Hunter’s Beach is a small, stone-covered beach south of Blackwoods Campground. The access trail is a very easy easy 0.2 miles (one way). There are 2 bridges and a boardwalk along the way. At the beach itself, a stream cascades down a wide area of the beach. It’s only a few inches deep with quick moving water, and my 18-month old son had a blast stomping around in it.

Sand Beach

This is the only sandy beach in ANP. Located along the park Loop Road, this decent-sized beach is probably my favorite beach of all time. The pine trees grow right down to the edge of the sand, and rocky outcroppings on either end of the beach form a pretty cove. Just be warned; the water doesn’t usually get much warmer than 55 degrees. That sort of thing doesn’t bother me, but you warm-weather folks might be in for a bit of a shock, haha.

South Bubble/Bubble Rock

The Bubbles parking area is located near Jordan Pond on the park Loop Road. Due to time constraints that day, I only hiked South Bubble. The trail to the summit was only about a mile round trip. I’d call the terrain moderate, but, since the trail is so short, I’d give it an Easy rating overall. The summit is just over 700′, and directly below stands a pretty cool sight. Bubble Rock is a huge boulder that is perched precariously on the edge of a cliff. Hikers enjoy having their picture taken as they attempt to push the rock over the edge. I didn’t get to take that picture because I was the only one on the mountain that morning. Adding North Bubble to this hike would only add 0.6 miles and roughly 15-20 minutes.


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