Trip Report: Mt. Osceola and Osceola East Peak


The third hike of my vacation in New Hampshire was an 8.4-mile jaunt up to the Osceolas. I met the “other” Dan from Berks-Lehigh Hiking and Backpacking at the Mt. Osceola Trailhead on Tripoli Road on Thursday morning. The hike up to Osceola was mostly gentle and moderately rocky. The 3.2 miles and 2000 feet of elevation (approximately) seemed to pretty much fly by…


Pickle on one of the rockier sections, as we hiked up to Osceola summit.

Speaking of things that flew by… About halfway up to Osceola’s summit, we were buzzed by some sort of low flying aircraft. It was pretty loud and obviously close, but neither Dan nor I could spot it through the trees. It seemed to circle a few times and then left.

In no time, we were standing on the summit of Osceola. The sun was shining and there was a nice breeze blowing. This was perfect weather by any standard, but, after the hurricane I’d endured in the Northern Presidentials the day before, this seemed like a paradise.

A view from Osceola summit

A view from Osceola summit

From Osceola, we headed off to East Osceola. This section of trail was a 1-mile rock-scrambling festival. It was just challenging enough to be fun, without actually being hard. We had to scramble down from Osceola as well as up to East Osceola.

The summit of East Osceola was wooded, so there were no vistas. There was simply a cairn marking it’s location, and that was it. It was so nondescript that I didn’t even remember to take one of my signature summit selfies. Dan and I lingered for less then a minute and then headed back to Osceola to hang out in the sun.

After making our way back to the parking lot, Dan and I enjoyed a quick adult beverage and then headed off to enjoy the rest of our day.



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