Hike Prep: Two Days on the Allegheny Front Trail

The Allegheny Front Trail is a 42-mile loop in Pennsylvania’s Moshannon State Forest and Black Moshannon State Park. This trail crosses varied terrain, such as swamp, rocks, hollows, meadows, and forest roads. The trail follows many streams (Black Moshannon Creek, Moshannon Creek, Six-Mile Run, Brenner Run, and Rock Run), so water is readily available. I’d normally post this on Berks-Lehigh Hiking and Backpacking as a 3-day trip. This time I have a bit of a time constraint, so we’ll be doing it in 2 days.

Since my gear for this trip isn’t much different much different than some of my other recent hike and I’ll be posting a separate post about my hammock system, I’ll keep this short and mainly focus on my food selections.

My Complete Gear List

For the first time since April, I’m going to be carrying a stove on this trip. My Esbit Wing Stove and Zelph Fosters Beer Can Pot are perfect for boiling small amounts of water (2 cups or less) for coffee, dehydrated backpacking meals, and ramen. Including a homemade windscreen, the system only weighs about 2.2oz. This is extremely light and suits my style of hiking perfectly.


For my breakfast, I’ll be eating 2 tortillas with peanut butter, bacon jerky, and dried cranberries. I accidentally invented this on the Black Forest Trail and loved it immediately. Not only is this breakfast delicious, but it packs over 1200 calories and requires no cooking. There is also very little cleanup. I just lick my spoon clean, and I’m done. I’ll also pack a packet of Starbucks VIA Caffe Mocha for my caffeine fix.


I don’t eat lunch on the trail. Instead, I pack lots of snacks and just shove them into my face every hour or so. Since I’m very health conscious (sarcasm!), I’ll be carrying almost an entire bag of fritos and a stash of dark chocolate-covered coconut. Two Chia Bars (Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter) and the leftover bacon jerky will round out my snack list.


Dinner will be comprised of pre-packaged Thai spring onion noodles and a pouch of tuna packed in olive oil. I typically like to keep dinner simple, leaning towards one-pot meals or freezer bag cooking.

I still have to pack my gear, so I’m off! If you have any questions about my gear list, feel free to post them here. Thanks for reading!


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