Katabatic Gear Bristlecone Bivy

This ultralight bivy (Size Tested: Regular Wide) weighed in at 9.1oz on my scale. It has a Silnylon floor with an eVent top and a mesh screen over the head. This bivy also has stake out loops and a tie-up loop to keep the fabric off your face. The zipper goes 1/4 of the way down the bivy, so you don’t have to wiggle and shimmy into it. The Wide width is absolutely HUGE inside. I fit my 3″ thick inflatable pad, my 10 degree quilt, and my ample belly inside AND still had room to spare. I could have fit my pack and extra gear in there with me and still been comfy. I’m actually considering getting a Regular width for summer because the wide will be completely unnecessary with my thinner sleeping gear.

At first glance, my favorite detail was the sleeping pad tie-down system. This is meant to limit the inevitable slip caused by Silnylon floors, however I found that this alone was inadequate. My tarp actually got knocked down twice because my pad slid over, and my leg pushed my trek pole over. I’m going to add some SilNet stripes inside to limit slip on my next trip.

We had a rainy night, and the windblown rain beaded up nicely on the eVent upper. It did get damp inside after the tarp collapses, but the eVent isn’t made to take a real soaking like that. I’m confident that the bivy would remain dry under normal use. The large mesh area at the head created a nice airflow in the bivy, which along with the breathable eVent will help limit condensation in most situations.


(Stock Photo from katabaticgear.com)